Staging a Winning Rental Property


Any landlord or property manager can walk applicants through an apartment or house tour, but putting effort into staging a rental property can truly make the difference between “just another house tour” and a property applicants are wishing to get. Staging will make your property look more homey, find the right tenants who care about a well-conditioned property, and potentially even raise your rent!

Here are a few staging tips for your next rental property:

1. Simplify, rearrange, or invest in updated furniture.


Tailoring your furnishings to the prospective tenant can help the tenant envision themselves living at the property. If you know you are showing to a young family, for example, you can make the unit more appealing by showing a comfortable and child safe living room by decorating with child-friendly décor .

2. Show the tenant how to potentially set up the space.

When you take the time into staging a rental, you are effectively doing home décor brainwork for many people who have headaches over how to decorate their new space. Once they walk into a property that is already furnished, this relieves the potential stress, creates a comfortable environment, and helps the potential tenant envision the space as theirs.

3. Make a first impression, landscape the yard

Kick off the tour with a great first impression. A messy, unkempt front yard (or backyard) can be indicative of what’s to follow, not to mention, just a less than positive first impression. This is a regular maintenance task anyway for landlords, so why not time it for your property showings?

4.  Make your property look AND smell like home


We sometimes become immune to the smells in our homes because we are used to them. To someone who is going into a property for the first time, a particular smell can turn off and away a potential tenant. You can place the standard air freshening plugs or bags around the property, but two great tricks to make your property more homey are to either use candles or having freshly baked cookies coming out of the oven! And as a bonus, something sweet for your the potential tenants!